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Rafatoel Advertisement and events

Rafatoel Advertisement and events is an information proposal, which will ask and search for answers in our past. The knowledge wisdom and achievements of our ancestors cannot be denied, which today is made true by what they have left behind. Looking at the nation today, it is not difficult to see a historical disconnect in the achievement of our forefathers and our failures today. We aim to unearth the long silence of this issue, which we have become accustomed to.

All means of digital media will be utilized to insure our delivery is receptive to users of all ages.
Inform, educate and debate the achievements of ancient Ethiopians, with factual information and solution driven discussions, to insure our message is heard as intended. Online articles through our webpage along with video and audio spots will be produced on specific subjects, involving global authors and documents written throughout history.

          We plan to work with schools and education base gathering to collaborate our message with the education curriculum. Special events and conferences will be critical to insuring we deliver our message to the larger community, we will organize events in addition to collaborating with existing events.

Rafatoel Advertisement and events: Goals

-   Present researched and evidence based information, on the achievements, wisdom and knowledge of ancestors.
-   Share this information with the larger Ethiopian audience, through various media tools.
-   Work with educational institutions to deliver the message for junior high, high school and post secondary students.
-   Plan conferences, special events and gatherings aimed at presenting and debating the past.
-  Collect, translate and present, writings, books and other evidence materials written in Ge’ez, about the past achievements of Ethiopians.

Rafatoel Advertisement and events: Objectives
-   Promote shared values and Ethiopiansim among the upcoming generation.
-  To foster an appreciation of the history and culture of Ancient Ethiopia
-  To promote dialogue and co-operation with other societies and associations with similar interests.
- Disseminate interesting facts for those who do not know the history of Ethiopia and Ethiopians and who think that     Ethiopia is all about hunger and drought.

 Rafatoel has built a strong reputation for presenting material, thoroughly researched and evidence backed. At the core of our Media stands the research department, which combines and supports other services. The internal team continuously works to present new and previously undocumented findings, collaborating with experts in the fields of religion, history, archeology and academia.
        The form in which the information is presented is a critical action in the process of   reaching a large demographic base, we will us print publishing, video and audio programming and live on location events and training along with trips to destinations and events of importance.
         The first media to focus on the research of ancient Ethiopia, we carry a torch unseen by any other organization or social endeavor attempted previously. We will explore these civilizations, from their advanced social conditions, lasting innovations, lasting advancements in science and engineering and overall contribution to the world and modern societies’ of the world. The cultural sensitivity and social obligations are at the core of our institute; in addition to exposing the untold, bringing to light the unseen and exposing accepted norms false, we will help inspire a new generation of Ethiopian innovators.

The communication online, through the website and social media with members is critical to us meeting needs and creating a stream of communication easy for users. Along with monthly newsletter, online and in print we produce relevant and current information to members internationally. Special publications on relevant topics are also produced periodically to coincide with organized events and programs.

Video Production:
Documentary series of monthly programming and special topics are the leading two streams we produce. These programs are thoroughly researched and new to our audience, it is essential to our viewers we produce programming for a verity of age groups and demographics. Monthly programming’s’ are a roundtable discussions and miniseries documentaries on relevant issues. Feature length documentaries are an ongoing part of the media and a critical outlet for our organization.

Live Event’s/ Training:
The live events are a roundtable discussion and Q&A, along with training of members to be part of the Rafatoel message. The roundtable will consist of experts and presentation by Rafatoel and communication members. The variety of discussion topics will determine the guests. The topics for the events are pre determined and organized internally and an itinerary is given to members ahead of each event.  We want members to be a well-informed and critical part of message; we will train these individuals to help us spread the message by being well informed on the subject.

Travel to Destination:
It is easier shown then said, we have scheduled travel to destination in Ethiopia, to coincide with religious events, national holidays and historical dates. These events are pre determined and organized a head of time to provide accurate and honest information. The Christian connection with Ethiopia’s history one which has stood side by side for centuries and one which must be part of our events. National and tribal holidays are also a crucial part of journeys and we will also incorporate these days to our schedule.