Rafatoel Advertisement and Events for the research and exploration of ancient Ethiopia is the leading organization on Ethiopia. As one of the first and pinnacle societies of early human development there has been little told of ancient Ethiopia. Today as one of the oldest and mysterious nations in the world is with out written historical evidence to back this glorious history, recorded in other cultures and cultural writing, this same information is non-existent in Ethiopia or Ethiopian Scriptures. Glimpse of this celebrated past remain in writing with in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado. As the first and only Media dedicated to the study of ancient Ethiopia, Rafatoel Advertisement and Events has unearthed writings, scriptures, historical teachings and wisdoms of the forefathers. The advancements made by the ancients included the fields of science, mathematic, architecture,
astrology and spirituality. At the Media we are dedicated to the research, discussion and re-discovery of these teachings which ones raised Ethiopia to its greatest social heights. These findings and their discovery to the populous will help to raise the awareness of a once advanced society and give evidence to the descendents of today.